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1 Lapping Machine

We sell the 13b-32b polishing equipment made by the world famous polishing equipment manufacturer Hamai industry.

Currently, there is a result delivered to the China semiconductor wafer manufacturer.

16 BF Type Lapping Machine

22BF(4M5L) Type Lapping Machine

32BNE(3M5L) Type Lapping Machine

2 Lapping Plate

Not only in Japan, but also on the hi level polishing board sales for China, we sell 160b-32b in the industry in accordance with the needs of customers, the only hi level, modified carrier and Lapping Plate products.

Lapping Plate

Dressing Gear

Working Carrier

3 Profile Measurement System

It is a measuring machine that can properly shape the shape of the polishing board.

The measurement length is 1000mm to 3000 mm.

Profile Measurement System And Peripheral Equipment

4 Slurry Recycle Machine

It is a device to recover the usable abrasive material from the slurry after polishing, and to reproduce it to the reusable property as a regeneration slurry.By introducing this systemIt is also possible to reduce abrasive costs.

Slurry Recycle Machine

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